American Fiber Cushion was founded by Jack Weitz, who has been in the fiber padding business for over 30 years.  He has a very successful track record as an entrepreneur and is very attuned to the fiber padding market.  He opened the doors to American Fiber Cushion in 2008 utilizing the very best fiber processing equipment from Europe and the United States.  The process and equipment is state of the art.  There is not another fiber processing plant like this in the world.  It is the culmination of experience and technology that makes us so successful at American Fiber Cushion.  The last ingredient to our success is our access to the best raw materials through our relationship with Columbia Recycling. A world wide leader in the recycling industry Columbia serves as a major provider of recycling services to every major carpet manufacture in the country.  From mill waste to the disposal of take up post consumer carpet Columbia Recycling will recycle hundreds of millions of pounds of carpet each and every year.  American Fiber Cushion is extremely proud of it’s relationship with Columbia and we benefit greatly from Columbia’s industry leadership and their raw material fiber streams.

American Fiber Cushion, Inc.

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Dalton, GA 30722

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